April – May 2021 – P9D4 – 100th PL magazine!


With the Grace of the GurumanDalam, this issue marks the 100th release of the PurNAnandalahari magazine. What started as a very small and humble effort of sharing the tantric literatures and hidden treasures has grown like a huge banyan tree. This effort started as an email attachment to a group of 15 upAsakAs and from there, it has evolved numerous times and is now used by thousands of upAsakAs world wide.

The comments and the feedback we receive (most importantly, when we hear how the PL issues have become an integral part of the daily sAdhanA) are enough to keep us motivated to continue our efforts and keep brining new materials to the upAsakA community.

This 100th issue is aptly falling on the vasanta navarAtri time. Incidentally, we started the 1st issue also during the vasanta navarAtri. While we have included all types of mantrAs and AvaraNas of various devatas in the past 99 issues, the pradhAna dEvatA – lalitA navAvaraNa pUjA paddhati wasn’t covered yet. I guess, it is Her Will to be included in the 100th issue. Even though you all would be having the pUjA paddhati handy, this issue includes the navAvaraNaM along with the expanded AmnAyaM as well.

We will be starting the new aShTa bhairava vidhAnaM series from this month. In this issue we have covered, asitAnga bhairava mantra japa krama and AvaraNa pUjA. We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. Wishing you all a blissful vasanta navarAtri.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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6 thoughts on “April – May 2021 – P9D4 – 100th PL magazine!

  1. I would be highly grateful to upload the avarana pujas of RajaShyamala/RajaMatangi and Varahi in the future issues so that these can become a guidance to our spiritual community.
    Dr. B.U. Singh

    1. The avarana pUjAs of RajashyAmala, mahAvArAhI and Her angOpAngAs have already been included in the past issues. Please use the Index section to search for them.

  2. Namaskaram,
    Thank you all for this immense blessing. A divine format for upasakas all over.
    Can you please provide the puja and balidana vidhi for chatushashti(64) yogini puja.

  3. Hi, I tried in vain to find a contact address on your website.

    I have been looking for an image of Lalita Devi for some time that I can relate to, and the one in your April-May 2021 issue is exceptionally appropriate. I would like to purchase a copy. Can you tell me if it is available for sale, and where I might buy it?

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