December 2021 – January 2022 – P9D12


We started the gaNEsha dasha mUrtI series last month. The 10 mUrtIs are mahOtkaTa, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, rAjaputra, kalipriya, siddhirUpa, kAlAnala, trimukha, gaNaka, and DhUNDi. We have covered mahOtkaTA, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, rAjaputra, kalipriya, siddhirUpa mUrti vidhAnaMs already. In this issue, we will cover two more – kAlAnala and trimukha mUrti vidhAnaMs.

Since ArudhrA falls during this month, we have included natEsha sahasranAma stOtram and shivakAmasundarI aShTottara shata nAmAvali.

We have also added hEramba gaNEsha ashTTottara shatanAmAvali in this issue.

We hope this issue would be valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections.

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