February – March 2023 – P11D3

In this issue, we have included the mantra japa, AvaraNa pUjA kramaH, vajrapanjara kavacha stotram, hRudaya, mUlamantra stotram, aShTottarashatanAma stotram, aShTottarashatanAmAvali, sahasranAma stotram & sahasranAmAvali of bhagavAn shrI lakShmInArAyaNa. As we are approaching the month of phAlguna where many vaiShNava kShetras conduct brahmotsavas, we have included a visheSha aShTottarashatanAma stotra on shrI mahAviShNu stating his holy sthalas which are spread across our bhAratadesha.

In this issue, we are including the most potent and secretive narAyaNa hRudayaM and lakShmI hRudayaM from the atharva rahasya – uttara bhAgaM. We have included them as per the pArAyaNa krama paddhati so it is easy for the readers to simply follow/read them as given. The lakShmI hRudayaM should be chanted with nArAyaNa sukta saMpuTIkaraNaM.

They are not simple shlokAs to be picked up in any books or website and start chanting. They contain bIja mantrAs and lakShmI anga mantrAs and hence should be received as an upadeshaM from a potent guru.

The initial stotrAs of nArAyaNA hRudayaM is a complete vedAnta sAra. There is also a prArthanA section consisting of 10 shlokAs in nArAyaNa hRudayaM. In some guruparamparA sampradAyAs, this nArAyaNa hRudayaM is chanted by doing a saMpuTikaraNam with nArAyaNa aShTAkSharI.

The lakSHmI hRudayaM describes the various prayogas to derive kAmya bhOghAs. But what can be bigger than that of the mokSha sAmrAjyaM. Below are the methods that are prescribed –

  1. Chant daily as per the pArAyaNa paddhati.
  2. Chant 5 times every Friday night.
  3. During the sharad navarAtrI, chant it in the siddhikramA – once (nArAyaNa – lakShmI – nArAyaNa hRudaya) on day 1, twice (nArAyaNa – lakShmI – nArAyaNa – lakShmI – nArAyaNa hRudaya) on day 2, thrice (nArAyaNa – lakShmI – nArAyaNa – lakShmI – nArAyaNa– lakShmI – nArAyaNa hRudaya) on day 3 & so on till 10 times on the dashami day.

We hope this issue will be a valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections.

lalitai vedam sarvam.

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3 thoughts on “February – March 2023 – P11D3

  1. Namaskaram Anna, thank you very much for this treasure. Could you please kindly let me know which page number I can find the Lakshmi Hrudayam within this?

    I have the parayana paddathi but my notes are quite damaged and this is literally a God Send!

    Looking forward to your email / reply. Thank you

  2. this is such a wonderful resource for all sadhaks! Kindly provide the aradhana krama of visvaksena as well acharyaji

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