श्रीगुरुभ्योःनमः ।
श्रीमङ्गलमूर्तयॆनमः ।


On this auspicious Vijayadashami day, by the grace of the Gurumandalam, we are glad to make the PURNANANDALAHARI.ORG website available for the upAsakA community. All the magazines have been hosted in the archive section and it should be easier for everyone to access the past magazines in a e-book format. We are also working on separating and categorizing all AvaraNa’s and articles so that there won’t be any need to search for them within the magazines.

The magazines will continue to be published every Amavasya as before but some of the sections like the AshtAnga will be moved to the website as a calendar so that it can be easily used instead of linking to the magazine. Frequent updates to the Articles and Shlokas sections will be made. Please do continue to provide your valuable feedback to us and we will strive to make it better and useful for the upAsakA community.