January – February 2022 – P10D1

We started the gaNEsha dasha mUrtI few months back. The 10 mUrtIs are mahOtkaTa, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, rAjaputra, kalipriya, siddhirUpa, kAlAnala, trimukha, gaNaka, and DhUNDi. We have covered the first 8 mUrti vidhAnaMs already. In this issue, we will cover the last two – gaNaka guru and DhuNDhi mUrti vidhAnaMs. Moreover, kalyANa gaNapati aShTottarashata nAmAvali, gakArAdi gaNapati sahasranAma stotram & other shlokAs related to DhuNDhirAjar have been included for users delight.

Since shAkambharI navarAtrI starts today, we have included the mantra japa, AvaraNa, aShTOttara, sahasranAmA, kavacaM, and other shlOkAs related to shAkambharI.  Banashankari, the prime Goddess of Badami (the kula dEvatA for cAlukhyAs) is considered to be shAkambharI svarUpaM. Those who are from the north KarnatakA area would have known how popular this dEvI is. The temple built by the chalukhyAs is a grand standing representation of the chalukhyA architecture. The banashankarI jAtrA, conducted every year after the shAkambhari navarAtrI on the puShya pUrNimA day is very popular and lakhs of people take part in this event.

There is a upashakti pITh called shAkambharI pITh in saharanpUr, Uttar Pradesh. The main diety is shAmkambharI but she is accompanied by shatAkShI, bhImA, and bhrAmarI – all the dEvatAs mentioned in the 11th chapter of dEvImAhAtmyaM.

We hope this issue would be valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections.

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