July – August 2022 – P10D7

We have included the vidhAnaM for goddesses mangalachaNDikA, mAnasAdevI, and svAhA in this issue. The mantra japa, AvaraNa pUjA krama, stavanaM, aShTottarashata nAmAvalis, related to these devatAs are included in this release.

We hope this issue would be valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections. Wishing you a blissful AShADha navarAtrI.

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Author: purna_admin

8 thoughts on “July – August 2022 – P10D7

  1. If Yantra Images of All Deities are Given , it would be more Useful alongvwith Awarana Devata . Yantra Images of Deities are Not Given

    1. Drawing yantras are time consuming tasks and if I have to wait for those to complete before sending the AvaraNams, it could delay posting of AvaraNams by months if not years. Specific yantras of dEvatAs are needed only for kAmyArtha purposes. If a sAdhakA is performing nishkAmya kriyAs, all of these dEvatA AvaraNas can be performed in shrI cakrA itself as everything is contained within that yantrarAjA. Since our focus is nishkAmyA only, we didn’t feel any compulsion to include yantrAs for each dEvatAs along with AvaraNa pUjA. That said, if there are folks who are willing to assist us in drawing yantrAs, we would be happy to include them along with the dEvatA AvaraNas.

      1. Namaste ji 🙏🏻 i would be more than happy to help with the yantra drawing. Kindly let me know if I can be of service to this great endeavour

  2. Namaskarams,
    You are doing a great service. My humble namaskarams to your team.
    Can you help to get Sanskrit Version of Subrahmanya Prasanna Mala Mantram, having 6 stanzas. It is given in Kumara Tantram text, as conversation between Sage Sri Hayagriva to Sage Agastya. I have got tamil version of mantra, but felt there r some mistakes in it. I have been searching it for many years now.

    1. There is a Kumara Tantram book available in stores with Devanagari script, Tamil Script, and Tamil translation as well. You could use that text to get the devanagari version of the mAlA mantraM. If you still need the help, if you could email me the scanned version of the tamil pages of the mantra to purnanandalahari@gmail.com I will take a look into it.

  3. Namaskarams.
    Like Nitya parayanam of Natha Ghatika thathwam.please provide Namaparayanam and mantra parayanam. it will be of great help
    thank you so much

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