March – April 2020 – P8D3

Due to the current global situation, two important kAmya mantras and its pUjA vidhAnAs are included in this issue. While we try to refrain from including kAmya mantras, the unprecedented situation that is faced by the planet currently demands the usage of these mantras for lOkakShEmam purposes. 

We have included satAkShari vidhAnam and mahAmRutyunja vidhanam in this issue. satAkShari vidhyA is 100 letters made up of Gayatri (24 letters), jAtavEs durgA Ruk (44 letters), and tryaMbakaM Ruk (32 letters). While we have given the satakShari mantra in the order of Gayathri, JatavEdas, and tryambakam, there are numerous other ways this is used as prayoga and those should be learned from ones own Guru. This vidya is typically interweaved among the three parts and also used with samputikaraNam of other potent mantras to make this a powerful weapon that can even do KAlastaMbanam. Such miracles have been witnessed within our GurumanDalam. We currently need to do Corono Virus sthaMbanam and chanting this potent mantra during this navarAtri atleast 100 times everyday should help the planet. 6 

Since the upcoming two-three weeks is very important for many countries in combating the pandemic, and fortunately the Navaratri is also happening during this time, let us chant this satAkShari for lOkakShEma purposes. Before you chant this, please check with your Guru about the practices that are specific to your Mandali and how this satAkShari mantra is chanted. If you don’t have a Guru in physical body or any jyEShtAs who can assist, then go ahead and chant it as prescribed in this issue. 

We have also included the mahAmRutyunjaya vidhAnam in this issue which is also a potent mantra to reduce the apamRutyu that is currently happening in the world. 

Last but not the least, we have included IndrakShi shloka in this issue. This is used as an Atma rakSha by all vaidheekas and taught during the gurukula days itself. The phalastuti of this stOtram claims that by chanting this shloka 100 times a person will be rid of all sorts of diseases. There are only 23 shlokas in this and should not take more than 5 mins. If we can chant it 10 times everyday during this Navaratri, we can be disease free and each disease-free person is definitely a great help to the society. 

We have already included Dhanvantri vidhAnam and trucha bhaskara Rik vidhAnam in our past issues. Please follow those daily Surya arghyams as they have been proven to be potent and protect a person from heart, liver, and lung problems. 

We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. 

Wish you all a healthy and blissful vasanta navarAtri. 

Lalithai vEdam sarvam. 

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3 thoughts on “March – April 2020 – P8D3

  1. Great Job done on a sustained and continuous basis. Without Guru’s Abundance of grace it is impossible. Om Sri Guruhu Sarvakarana Bhoota Shaktihi. All the Best for Continued selfless service. Happy Vasantha Navarathri.

  2. Please tell me if you have the Laghu Trucha kalpa mantra from Sri Bhaskararaya. I need to pray for my mother’s health, and do not know any rituals..

    1. Please go through P5D11. There are enough information given in that issue. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery.

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