March – April 2020 – P8D4

We are continuing the CaturviMshati mUrthi vidhAnams in this issue. Each of the 24 Murti is supposed to be sporting a permutation and combination for the 4 weapons viz padmA (lotus), Shank, Chakra, and Gadha. In this issue, we will cover the mantra japa and AvaraNa pUjA paddhathi of vAsudEva mUrti,

Lord Consort  Top Left  Top Right  Bottom Left  Bottom Right 
vAsudEva  hariNi  Shank  Chakra  GadhA  Padma 

This issue includes the famous cintAmaNi mantras. There are three cintAmaNi dEvatAs – cintAmaNi Sarasvati, cintAmaNi gaNeshA, and the famous cintAmaNi mantrarAja of ardhanArIshvara. The mantra japa and vidhanams of all of these dEvataAs are provided in this issue. There is also a secretive VanchA cintAmaNi tripurasundari mantra which is bestowed along with the cintAmaNi pAdukA. Since it has been guarded secretly within the GurumandalAs, we have refrained from revealing it. However, the existence of such a thing is revealed so that the sadhakas can check with their Gurus if interested. 

We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. 

Wish you all a healthy and blissful vasanta navarAtri. 

Lalithai vEdam sarvam. 

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3 thoughts on “March – April 2020 – P8D4

  1. Nice work 👌
    I appreciate the team of for the effort that has been taken to release this magazine even at this situation👍 on behalf of all subscribers.
    Thank you!!😊😊

  2. Namaskaram,
    Can we please have the mantra, avarana krama and stotras of Mahavidya Madhumati, who is also the uttaranga of Sri Dattatreya.

    1. We will look into this request and include this vidhanam after the current series are completed.

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