November – December 2022 – P10D12

In this issue, we have included the mantra japa, AvaraNa pUjA kramaH, kavacha, sahasranAma stotram, aShTottarashatanAma stotram & namAvaliH, bhujanga stotram of shrI mahAshAstA.

We hope this issue will be a valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections.

Lalitai vedam sarvam

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Author: purna_admin

2 thoughts on “November – December 2022 – P10D12

  1. Namaskarams. Thank you much for yhr monthly magazines. They are treasuews. Please publish Devi Nama parayanam and mantra parayanam japas.

  2. Sri Mathre Namaha.
    Eternal gratitude for these priceless texts from rahasya granthas. P2-Special Edition 12 Purnima Puja file is not opening, I think there is an error. If possible, may I have access to this publication, as it contains articles which are very useful for my upasana.

    Thank you

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