October – November 2019 – P7D10

In this issue we are including the japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA, kavaca, hRudayaM, khaDgamAlA, aShTottaraM, sahasranAmA, and stOtrams of rENukA dEvatA. She is popularly worshipped by those who are looking to get a child and also for vashIkaraNa purposes. 

The vRushcika rAshi AvaraNa is included as the continuation of the rAshi (mAsa) series. This AvaraNa can be performed along with the amAvAsya pUjA. 

We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. 

Lalithai vEdam sarvam. 

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9 thoughts on “October – November 2019 – P7D10

  1. 31 Oct 2019
    We will be able to participate in this Yagnyam of chanting Sri Lalita Sahasranaamam at home only from 12th Nov 2019 onwards. I hope it is alright.
    Thank you.
    Sri Aiyer RS &
    Smt Jaya RA

  2. I could download. Thank you.
    How do we account Pankti Chandas which is defined -40 syllables, 5 verses of each 8 syllables, for Sri Panchakshara maha mantra which has 5 syllables in one verse?
    I am looking for an answer more than three years. Could you please enlighten ?

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I just don’t have words to thank and applaud you for providing these, such valuable informations regarding Sri Vidya Sadanaa!

    I can only do is…thank again and again and again! Keep up the work, and keep blessing us through such blessed valuable informations.


    P. S. Just a thought… Is it also possible to upload those eBooks/PDF files in Kannada language?

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