October – November 2021 – P9D10

We started the gaNEsha dasha mUrtI series last month. We have covered mahOtkaTA and mayUrEsha mUrti vidhAnaM already. In this issue, we will cover two more – dhUmrAkSha and rAja putra mUrti vidhAnaMs. vinAyaka tantrA claims that during the age of kali, when the varNAshramAs are no longer followed and dharmAs are forgotted, kalki avatAra would meditate upon dhUmrAkSha gaNapati to destroy the adharmic forces and re-establish dharmic norms. The mantra of dhUmrAksha gaNapati itself reveals this purpose.

Since sharad navarAtrI occurs this month, we have included a rare vidhAnaM for aShTadashabhujA mahAlakShmI. All ChandikAparamEshvarI upAsakAs can use this during their navarAtri pUjA.

Wishing you all a blissful sharadA navarAtrI.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam

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7 thoughts on “October – November 2021 – P9D10

  1. To the admin,

    It looks like there is a typo in the URL where the file is hosted. If you click on the download link, it takes you to a misspelled URL purnandalahari.org. I was able to download the document by entering the correct URL and leaving the rest of the pdf URL.

    Please fix the error so that others can enjoy this magazine.

    Happy Sharannavaratri to all.

  2. Namaskarams,
    Not able to download the latest pdf gives me error message, I tried downloading the older ones I was able to. Not sure if I am the one having problem


  3. Thank you very much for fixing the problem. Last 5 days I was mentally upset I was unable to download this issue and go through. I am not an expert to try alternate methods and was wondering why this punishment (I thought it was a problem with my system) Now that you have fixed it I was successful in downloading and received the blessings of the Gurumandalam . Sri Gurubhyo Nama:

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