September – October 2021 – P9D9

We will be starting a gaNesha dasha mUrtI series from this month. In the vinAyaka tantrA, these 10 mUrtIs are said to be formed from the human portion of the gaNesha murtI and hence considered shIghra vara prada mUrtIs. 

The 10 mUrtIs are mahOtkaTa, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, rAjaputra, kalipriya, siddhirUpa, kAlAnala, trimukha, gaNaka, and DhUNDi. It is only apt to start this series coincinding with the gaNEsha caturthi. This month we will cover mahOtkaTa and mayUrEsha vidhAnaM. 

Wishing you all a blissful gaNesha caturthi. 

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