Introducing index page for the site

Dear Readers,

Wish you all a very happy Navarathri celebrations.

Based on lots of requests made to provide index page for the site for easier search options, we have introduced this as part of the main menu. Please look into the menu for “Index” and click to see the whole index page.

Although our goal is to keep one index tag for an entry (for instance bala tripurasundari), you may see few items for Bala. We are aware of this and this will be cleaned up soon. However, this will not impact your ability to search etc.

Hope you all will find this useful.

If you see any other challenges/suggestions, please mention it in the comment section.


Author: purna_admin

2 thoughts on “Introducing index page for the site

  1. Mine is a simple doubt This mail gives mainly the contents and P7 D9 is not attached or released in this mail, isn’t it?

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