This is a very humble attempt to collect the details of the Guruparamparas and Mandalis. We are starting with guhAnandamaNDali. The information will be displayed in an easy to read/navigate family-tree format with photos, loukikha name, and dIkShA nAmAs. We have started with whatever information we have so far. While there may be hundreds of shishyas for a Guru, the intention here is to only include those who have had pUrNa dIkShA. If you belong to guhAnandamaNDali, please see the tree and if you can see any missing links or can provide additional details, please send us an email at or click Contact Us and send us the details and a number to reach you so that we can call you back should we have additional questions. This is a very big project and it is impossible to gather these information without your support. Thanking you all in advance for the support.