Important note to all readers:

The origin of pUrNa Ananda lahari is to continue the efforts of Shri ChidAnandanAthA and Shri pUrNAnandanAthA. In an effort to continue where they left off, this monthly issue has been coming out since 2013 with the blessings of the GurumaNDalam. Many of the contents in the magazines have been compiled from various tantric literatures and hand-written manuscripts that have been secured secretly for centuries throughout the country by various GurumaNDalams. The primary intent is to make them accessible in an easy format and secure them for the future generations. In addition, technological advancement and adaptation to digitization and internet improves the accessibility tremendously.

That all said, we caution the readers that while the access is made easier, the content is still secretive and potent in nature. One should not forget that the tantric mantras and upAsana methods should come from a proper guru and attempting to practice without a learned Guru would not yield any results – even worse, it might have a negative impact. We strongly caution all the readers to stay away from practicing anything on your own. If you already belong to a proper GurumaNDalam, please seek the advice of your Guru on these matters. If you do not have a Guru or if your Guru is not in physical form, please approach others in your GurumaNDalam for advice.

Others, please read the articles, get familiarized with the dEvatAs, their beauty, the myth around them and start to see the kAruNyam of them. With Her blessings, and with an intense seeking, you may find a Guru soon.