All PL magazines are available for download


We are glad to share that all the pending documents are made downloadable. As of now, 100% of the PL magazines are downloadable. If you have any difficulty in downloading, please share your comments on this post – will look into it and fix it.

Sincere thanks and namaskaram to Sri Prakashanandhar for taking time amidst his busy Vasantha Navarathiri schedule to help us all with this treasures.

Once again, a gentle reminder – these documents are made available only for individual consumption and not for any commercial purposes. If there is any other need for these magazines, please write to us.

— One of the sishyas of Sri Prakashanandha


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10 thoughts on “All PL magazines are available for download

  1. Namaste Ji,

    I tried some of P2 and P3 editions to download. They don’t have download options. Kindly check.

    Thankyou very much in advance. I got good content from your site. This is a treasure for upasakas.

    Sri Matre Namah !!!


      1. Ji, download button not visible for any of the mazagine in P3 and P4. ( sorry I have mentioned P2 by mistake).
        Kindly check, download options not available in any mazagine of P3 and P4.

        Sri Matre Namah.

        1. There is no download button provided. Please look for “click here to download” in each post and click on the word “here” to download.

          1. Thankyou for reply ji.
            I am saying that ‘click here for download ‘ is not available in all P3 and P4 mazagines. Kindly check … If you want I can share the screenshot of problem by email. Kindly recheck from your end.

          2. You were right. I claimed success too soon!! Now all of P3 & P4 issues include download options. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Dear Sir:
    Let me express my deep sense of gratitude for helping with downloadable versions of PL series. However, some of the following PL P1D1, PL P1D2, PL P1D3, & PL P1D4; PL P2D3; & complete series of PL P3 and PL P4 (all issues from 1 through 12) have become undownloadaable. Please arrange to check them and help restoring them soon. With humble regards to All the SriVidya GuruMandalas.
    Dr B.U. Singh

  3. Dear Sir:
    Despite my several attempts, I was unable to download “Chintamani Saraswati Mantra, Avarana Puja, & Satanama from PL P4 P5/6/7 series. Please help me. With respectful regards to SriVidyaGuruMandala Gurus.
    Dr B.U. Singh

  4. I was unable to download P7D10 (Oct-Nov, 2019) since the download button indicate it’s nonavailability. Please help restoring the same. With humble regards to the lotus of Guru mandala of Chidananda Group.
    Dr B.U. Singh

  5. I am trying to download all the PL Magazines but, the button is not supportive. Please help me so I can download all magazine

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