Seeking response from upasakas in North America

We are kickstarting an effort to compile a database of qualified upasakas in North America (US/Canada). The goal is to leverage the data to invite upasakas when any Devi-related event is planned in the future to make it more authentic. As you all are aware, inviting other upasakas in India are fairly easier due to well-established network through each guru mandalams. We lack that network here. This is just a humble beginning.

If you are into Devi upasana with proper mantra upadesam from a guru and interested in sharing some of the basic information, please email us at Once we get the email from you, then we will communicate directly with you to gather some more information for adding to the database. Rest assured, the data will remain confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.



Author: purna_admin

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