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Dear readers,

We are happy to let you know that downloadable version of the Purnanandha Lahari magazines are available from March 2017 till date. Pl visit each of the post and look for “Click here to download …”. We will continue to work on making magazines prior to March 2017 also available soon. Please stay tuned..

At this time, want to remind you all of you that these options are given to you only to benefit you as individuals and no content should be used for any commercial purpose.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


Author: purna_admin

6 thoughts on “Download option enabled for PL magazines

  1. Respected Sir,
    My namaskaram with a lot of thanks for the rare collection of articles and mantras.
    I am unable to download the latest PL issue for October-November-19.
    Requesting you to kindly look into this problem.

  2. Sri Mathre namah,
    Sir, I am not able to download the latest issue-July 23- Aug 23, while clicking the button the previous issue P11 D7 gets downloaded.kindly look into the problem. thank you.

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