July-August 2018 P6D6

In this issue, we are bringing out the vidhAnam of mahAvArAhi. Her mahAmantra japa, AvaraNa pUjA, vashya vArAhi mantra japA, dhUmra vArAhi mantra japA are included.

In addition, vArAhi thirudasAngam, vArAhi navaratnamAlai, and vArAhi thiru Unjal
poems in Tamil are included. These beautiful poems were penned by Shri Elandai
Ramasami. He has recently brought out a book called “vAri koduppal vArAhi” with a collections of Tamil poems he has penned on vArAhi. I have taken three gems from that book and included in this issue.

As always, we caution that the mantrAs, pUja kramAs, and nyAsAs that are included in this issue cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any of them.

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