July – August 2019 – P7D7

We started the series on Ganesha aShTa avatAra mUrthis. These are beautifully elaborated in detail in many puranic and tantric works. The eight avatara murthis of GaNEsha are:

वक्रतुण्डश्चैकदन्त महॊदर गजाननाः ।
लम्बॊदरश्च विकटॊ विघ्नराजश्च धूम्रकः ॥

These avatAra mUrtIs are responsible to eliminate the rajO guNas of the upAsakAs ( in the GaNApatya sect, these mantras are specifically used for the removal of rajO guNas in the upAsakAs). Each avatAra mUrtI is directed against one rajO guNA. Mudgala pUrAnA gives a detailed story of each of the rajO guNa as an asura and how gaNEshA takes avatArAs to eliminate those asurAs. There are shlOkAs provided at the end of each avatArA, daily recital of which will aid in removal of the respective rajO guNAs.

VakratuNDa gaNEshA is responsible for eliminating mAtsarya (jealousy). Ekadanta gaNEshA is responsible for eliminating mada (arrogance). MahOdara gaNEshA is responsible for eliminating mOhA (delusion due to desires).

In the last issue, we covered vakratuNDa GanEshA. In this issue, we have covered Ekadanta and mahOdarA.

The simha rAshi nAtha AvaraNa is included as the continuation of the rAshi (mAsa) series. This AvaraNa can be performed along with the amAvAsya pUjA.

We hope that this issue will be a good addition of your spiritual collection.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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    This is a great service you are rendering. Reading through your articles and the digests has been very helpful for a spiritually inclined person like me.

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