Navarathiri Special Edition – P6D9


In this issue, we have compiled all durga related mantras, AvaraNas, and ashttotaras. Some of them were included in the previous issues but for the purposes of completeness, we have included all the various categories – Nava durgAs (shailaputri, brahmacAriNi, candraghaNTA, kUShmANDA, skandamAtA, kAtyAyanI, kAlarAtrI, mahAgaurI, and siddhidAtrI), shUlinI, pratyaNgirA, other nava durgA (vanadurgA, mahiShamardhini, mUla durgA, jAtavEda durgA, shanti durgA, jaya durgA, lavaNa durgA, pakShi durgA, brahamra durgA), sapta mAtrU category ( brAhmI, mAhEshvarI, kaumArI, vaiShNavi, vArAhI, mAhEndrI, cAmuNDA), and finally durgA mAtrukA nyAsa.

I am sure this will be an excellent collection that can be used during navarAtrIs.
Wishing you all a blissful navarAtri

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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14 thoughts on “Navarathiri Special Edition – P6D9

  1. Just amazing ! Though the main aspect is collection from earlier issues , I just can not conceive an idea of 400 pages of fantastic information. A great gift for Navarathri.
    My usual “THANK YOU” does not have any significance in front of the efforts put in by you. It is a matter of pride and glory that Our GURU PARAMPARA is with you to bless you every second ! I am blessed and I must thank our Guru Puthra Shri Gootala Manigaru for introducing me to you.

    1. Dear Atmabandhu,

      It is definitely the works of Guru parampara to make this all happen. Just 24 hours ago, it was blank and after 24 hours it has reached 400 pages. Even though 60% of it is a compilation from past issues, there are 40% new material that required decoding, typing, proof reading, and compilation. It definitely is some Guru in action.

      Vande Guru Mandalam.

  2. Namaste,

    Excellent publication and compilation of Durga Puja. Thanks for providing the issues in much better pdf format so that we can read it comfortably.


  3. sir
    How to get pdf of this books ?? how to by online pdf’s this books ? its really very helpful in upasana and you people are doing real sewa for devi . may Sri Guru madala bless you in your upasana . please informe how to get pdf , so that we can keep a copy during puja. we can’t sit near system and do this avaran puja na . plz give a link of pdf too .
    Bless you

    1. The current issue has a download link using which you will be able to download the PDf’s. We will shortly (within a month) provide this option for all past issues. Thanks for your patience.

      Our goal is to make the tantric treasures available to every upAsakA and not to commercialize it. So every issue is free and will be available to download.

    1. The current issue has a download link using which you will be able to download the PDf’s. We will shortly (within a month) provide this option for all past issues.

  4. Dear Atmabandhus

    i am experiencing a problem with viewing or downloading the amazing compilation of Durga mantras. Can you please let me know if there is any problem with the link?
    Jai Maa

  5. Namaste ji… This is really great collection. Just a small request if you can include yantras of the deities along with directions for avarna pujas. This would be great help. Pranam

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