November- December2017 P5D10

In this issue, we will be covering the remaining nityA dEvis – sarvamaNgalA (shukla pakSha tryaOdashi and kRuShnA pakSha tRutIya) , jvAlAmAlinI (shukla pakSha caturdashi and kRuShnA pakSha dvitIyA) and citrA (pUrNimA and kRuShNa pakSha prathamA) . The mantra japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, and the mAtrukA vaibhava nAmAvali for sarvamaNgalA, jvAlAmAlinI and citrA are included in this issue.

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  1. Namaskaramas

    My name is Ganapathy Subramaniam . My email id is ganasub59@gmail. I get Poorna Anandha Lahiri articles by mail.

    I wanted to download Poorna Anandha Lahiri article for November 17 which is available only in this site .

    Could you please let me know how to download the articles in this site.

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