June-July 2015 – P3D3

In this issue we bring the gAyatri vivaraNam chapter from the yajna vaibhava khANDam (vAcika) of sUta samhitA. This chapter explains in detail the manifestation of the savitri mantrA, the rishi chandas, nyAsa; the meaning of it; the siddhi kramA and prayOga kramA. Since we have already dealt with gAyatri AvaraNam and ashtOttaraM in P1D5, those are not repeated here.

We have received a lot of requests for including the japa and avaraNa kramA for the vArAhi anga and upAnga dEvatAs. Since the vArAhi navarAtri will begin shortly, we decided to include those in this issue. The mantra japa kramA and AvaraNa kramA for mahA vArAhi will be included in the next issue.

As always, we caution that the mantrAs, pUja kramAs, and nyAsAs that are included in this issue cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any of them.

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    1. We are working on integrating an automated transliteration tool. It is currently being tested. Once that is done, we will quickly upload several AvaraNa’s through the AvaraNa link. Thanks for your patience.

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