May-June 2015 – P3D2

In this issue we bring the praNava prakaraNa chapter from the yajna vaibhava khANDam of sUta saMhitA. This chapter explains in detail the manifestation of the praNavA, why is it called so, how is it related to the brahmam, and the benefits of contemplating on it.

Since praNavA was the subject, we decided to include the praNava japa karma,praNava kavacam, and ashtOttarams. From the nyAsa perspective, we have included yOga pITa nyAsam and shrI cakra nyAsam.

These nyAsAs cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any nyAsA or procedure as detailed in this issue.

We thank ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) forauthoring the Q&A section.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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