June-July 2016 – P4D3

In the last issue, aShTAnga yOgA chapters of sUta saMhitA were covered. From this issue we will be covering the mukti khANDA. The first treatise of the mukti khAnDA discusses about how 84,000 riShIs and munis got together and performed the penance towards IshvarA to answer their questions on what mukti is and the ways to attain that.

Last issue, we started to provide the English translation of the shiShyAnushAsanaM book written by shrI pUrNAnandanAthA. We covered the guru pAdukA mahimA, characterisitics of the shiShyA and Guru during the last issue. In this issue we have covered in detail the Guru sEvA expectations and the inner meaning and benefits of performing the same.

We received a request from a few upAsakAs to provide the translation of shrI vallabhOpaniShat. The 3rd chapter of this upaniShat was covered during the ganEsha caturthi issue in pUrNAnandalahari puShpA 1. A few upAsakAs were interested in understanding the meanings of all the chapters of this upaniShad and hence from this issue, the translation of one chapter of this upaniShad will be provided. This is a very beautiful upanIShad constructed in a Q & A form that covers all aspects of vallabha

mahA gaNapati and we hope that this will be a wonderful addition to your literary collection.

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Lalithai vEdam sarvam


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  1. Respected Sir
    Please inform how to download these issues as they contain very important and estoric materials which require a slow and concentrated study.
    Sree Mathre Nama :

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