May-June 2016 – P4D2

In the last issue, we looked at the dhyAna vidhinirUpaNam from sUta saMhitA. In this issue we bring the samAdhi nirUpaNam from aShtANgayOga. In this chapter, shri sUtA explains the various types of samAdhIs for the benefit of the sAdhAkAs . The various methods of attaining the samAdhi are clearly provided and the very fact that mOkshA is the result of is stated in very clear terms.

Starting this issue, we intend to provide English translations for some of the key (tatvArthA) books written by shrI pUrNAnandanAthA. Instead of simply translating the books, we would be expanding on the thoughts to aid the understanding. In addition, we would also provide additional notes on how things would be applicable in current generations and thoughts.

The vasantha navarAthri starts today and rAma Navami also falls during this month. The rAma AvaraNa and related literature were covered in P1D1. Since we have not covered bAlA tripurasundarI related mantra and AvaraNa vidhAnAs, we decided to include them during this issue as vasantha navarAthri is linked with lalithAmbA. bAlA upAsakAs would know that lalitAmA and bAlAmbA are one and the same.

We thank ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) for contributing the dhyAna shloka meaning.

Wishing you all a wonderful vasanta navarAthri, ugAdi, tamil new year, and vishU.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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