July-August 2016 – P4D4

We started with the muktI khAndA of sUta samhitA last issue. The rishis asked shrI sutA maharshi to answer their questions on mukti. In this issue we have covered the different types of muktI and how to attain those as a discussion between viShNU and shivA.

We have been providing the English translation of the shiShyAnushAsanaM book
written by shrI pUrNAnandanAthA. We covered the guru pAdukA mahimA,
characterisitics of the shiShyA and Guru, and Guru sEvA expectations so far. In this issue, we will be covering how a shishyA should view a Guru.

We started providing the English translation of vallabhOpaniShad last month. We covered the first chapter last issue and this issue carries the translation of the second chapter.

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