November-December 2016-P4D8

This issue comes with some rare jewels from the tantric literature. The vAnCA kalpalatA vidhAnam from the athArva vEdA is popular within some GurumaNDalams. There are books detailing this process.However, most of them are difficult to follow and does not have the proper svara symbols of rig vEdic hymns and also the rishi nyAsa information of the Rik’s that are a requirement when chanting rig vEdic hymns. This issue contains the vAnCAkalpalatA kramA with all details and in proper order. upAsakAs can simply use this section for their kramA. That said, none of these can be performed without getting it properly from the Guru. In addition, since this involves chanting of a lot of rig vEda mantras, it should be learnt from the Guru with proper rig vEdiya svarA’s.

We released the detailed sarvatObadhra vidhAnA few months ago. This issue carries another important mandala vidhAnA for gaNapati pUjA and yajnA purposes. In addition to the maNDala, the rig vEdiyA hymns that are used to invoke each dEvatA at the corresponding positions along with the nyAsA and the svarA symbols are included. This detail is very rare to be obtained from any books. Whenever gaNEsha yajnA is performed, this maNDala can be first established and then the yantrA or vigrahA can be placed at the bindu sthAnA and the pUjA can be continued. hErambA irupadu (20 shlOkAs in praise of Lord hEramba gaNEshA) was penned by shrI nArAyaNa bhArati (caryAnandanAthA) of guhAnandamaNDali. We take pride in including this wonderful poem in this issue. Since we will be celebrating the sharadhA navarAtri for the next 10 days, we have included rudra caNDi kavacaM and shUlini vishvarUpA stuti for pArAyaNa purposes.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam. Wishing you all a happy navarAtri.

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  1. I also one among the fortunate upasakas in the great Sri Vidhya lineage of Guhananda Mandali.Sri ‘SIR ‘ is my Parameshti Guru and Sri.Kamakoti Sastrigal is my Parama Guru. Sri.Mahadevanandanatha is my Guru. Please include me in your group and allow me to read and download the articles published in the group which are of great value to upasakas. I pray Sri Maatha to give you more strength and time to do such a noble service to Sri Vidhya upasakas.

    1. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

      Can you please include me into your group. I want to know more about Sri Sri Sri Mahadevanandanatha as he is my Parama Guru

    2. In order to read and download articles, you do not need to be included in any group.However, if you want to get notified everytime an article is published, you need to “subscribe” by entering your email, which I believe you already are. If not, please do that on the main page of the blog under “subscription”. Hope this helps.

  2. Namaskaram
    Sri Matre Namaha,

    I am trying to download P4D7, it says page not found, I am able to download other pdfs, can you please help.


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