December-January 2017-P4D9

In this issue, we will be dealing with the dashAvatAra mUrti upAsana krama. Their mantra japas, AvaraNa kramA, aShTOttara shata nAma stOtrAs, nyAsa vidanams (if any), are all covered. We have covered the first four avataras – matsyAvatAra, kUrmA- vatArA, varAhavatArA, and nRusiM- hAvatArA in this issue. The remaining avatarAs will be covered in the forth- coming issues.

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1 thought on “December-January 2017-P4D9

  1. Namaste
    If possible, kindly provide the avarana krama of Bhu Devi (also known as Dhatri/ Vasundhari/ Prithvi). The worship of varaha avatar would be incomplete without her worship. Also she is commonly worshipped along with Neela devi and Sri Devi in Panchatantra traditions. Providing this would make Narayana Avarana Puja easier as well.
    Jai Lalita.

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