July 2015-August 2015 – P3D4

In this issue we bring the haMsa vidyA vivaraNam chapter from the yajna vaibhava khANDam (vAcika) of sUta samhitA. This chapter explains in detail the manifestation of the haMsa mantra, the rishi chandas, nyAsa; the meaning of it; the siddhi kramA and prayOga kramA. In addition, haMsOpaniShat from the Shukla yajur vEdA is also included for contextual completeness.

In the past issue, we completed the mantra karma and AvaraNa pUjA kramA for laghu vArtAli, svapna vArAhi, and tiraskaraNi. In this issue, we have included the mantra, nyAsA, AvaraNa pUjA kraMA, and anugrahASThakaM and nigrahAShTakam of mahA vArAhi. Since this issue is being released on the first day of the vArAhi navarAtri, it will be helpful for the upAsakAs to perform the mahAvArAhi pUjA kramA using this issue and the previous issue.

As always, we caution that the mantrAs, pUja kramAs, and nyAsAs that are included in this issue cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any of them.

We thank ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) for authoring the Q&A section.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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  1. Sri mathre namaha
    Sir i am from malaysia
    My name siva sangkaran

    I want sri swarna aakarshana bhairava aavaranam in english can send swamy ji

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