January -February 2014 – P1D10

A complete treatise on sUrya nArAyaNA containing, Upanishads, ashtottaram, sahasranAmam, mantrAs, AvaraNa pUjA paddhathi, and shlOkAs are included. A beautiful picture of mArthANDa bhairva (as described in the sAradA tilakA dhyAna shlokA) is included (thanks to AtmAnandanAthA for sharing this). mArthAnDa bhairava japa krama and AvaraNa puja is also included. Since sUrya nArAyaNA is popularly called as a namaskAra priya, the common namaskAra method that can be adopted by everyone on Sundays is also included in this section. Tamil poems on Surya by Bharatiar and ShrI Elandai Ramasami have been included for readers delight.

The mahAviShNu section contains the nArAyaNa Upanishad, aShtAkShari mantra japa krama, AvaraNa kramas, and the viShNu AshTottara shlokam.

The HanumAn section contains the various mantras of Hanuman, tAntrika mAlAmantras, AvaraNa pUjA krama, ashtottara nAmAvali, and the sahasranAma stOtram.

The 101’st janma dina parvA of my pUjya paramaguru shrI pUrNAnandanAthA falls on 2nd Jan 2014. Pranams to His lotus feet.

ShrI. AtmAnandanAthA has penned the Q&A section for this issue. I would like tosincerely thank him for his continued support and effort in making this magazine better and valuable to the upAsakA community. This issue also comes with wood burning paintings of SuryA, mahAviShNU, and HanumAn that were drawn by me about 8 years ago. We have been running this magazine for 10 months now and will soon be completing a successful one year. We would like to take this opportunity to get feedback from the readers on the content, design, frequency of the release etc. so that improvements can be made in the future.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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2 thoughts on “January -February 2014 – P1D10

  1. Sir, the mula mantra given in martanda bhairava mantra japa krama and the mula mantra used in Avarana puja is not matching, and the latter mantra is longer than the previous one. Which one should be used in Suryarghya dana?

    1. The mUla mantrA of mArtAnDa bhairava as per shAradA tilakaM is given in Page 32 of the issue. The AvaraNa pUjA uses the mantrA that has the saMputikaraNA of the tantrika mArtANDa bhairava mantrA and the vEdic sUrya mantrA.

      Please note that the mantrAs and AvaraNa pUjAs are provided only for knowledge purposes. If you want to take up and japA or sAdhAna based on the information provided in PL, you have to get back to your Guru or GurumaNDala jyEShTAs and then consult with them and decide on what to do, how to do, when to do, etc. The PL magazines does not replace the need for a Guru.

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