February-March 2017-P4D11

In this issue, we will be dealing with the dashAvatAra mUrti upAsana krama. Their mantra japas, AvaraNa kramA, aShTOttara shata nAma stOtrAs, nyAsa vidanams (if any), are all covered. We covered the first seven avataras in the past two issues.

In this issue, we have covered the remaining avatArAs – balarAmAvatAra, kRuShNAvatArA, and kalki avatArA.. In addition to the upAsana kramA for these avatAra mUrtI’s, some titbits about the jayanti (avatAra dina) of these mUrtI’s and also the popular temples where these avatAra mUrtI’s are worshipped are also included.

Some of the avatArAs have very volumunous information across tantras while some simply are referred in just one tantra. Whereever possible, several tantras were referred and most important mantra variations are included in the AvaraNa kramas. There are numerous kAmya havana paddathis for these AvaraNa mUrtis and they are purposely ommitted for the purposes of this publication.

Finally, a few shAkta tantrAs (like muNDamAlA tantrA, tODala tantrA etc) compares dashamahAvidyA to dashAvatArA. This information is included in the final section of this issue.

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