Rahasyokta Mahachandi Yagam – Vedmandir, NJ – June 2-5, 2022


We are pleased to inform you that Guhananda Mandali, North America would be conducting a very rare yagam that is based on Devi Mahatmiya Rahasyam. This event will be conducted in Ved Mandir, NJ between June 2-5, 2022.

While we witness several Shata Chandi, Sahasra Chandi parayanam/homams events frequently, we seldom see these rahasyokta yagam. As many of you are aware, Devi Mahathmiyam is not just a story about how Devi kills asuras – each sloka has several hidden mantras and these rahasyas take the sadhaka to the next level in the spiritual journey through a proper guru who can guide.

This is not a public event – however, if you are in North America and would like to attend, please comment here or email us at purnanandalahari@gmail.com with your contact details so that we can do proper planning.


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7 thoughts on “Rahasyokta Mahachandi Yagam – Vedmandir, NJ – June 2-5, 2022

  1. We live in Michigan and would love to travel to NJ for the event (Rahasyokta Mahachandi Yagam – Vedmandir, NJ). We are ardent devotees of Goddess Chandi and it would be a true blessing to participate in such a rare yagam.

    My humble paranaam.
    Kamakshi & Sundar

    1. We would be glad to have you participate in our mahAcaNDi yAgaM. One of our maNDali member will reach out to you to discuss the logistics

  2. Namaskar- Thank you for the opportunity. Is it possible to participate via video or zoom? I am in North America but not sure about travel logistics.

  3. Namaskaram,
    I live in Canada and would like to participate in this homam. Having initiated in the Shree Vidhya, have learned Devi Mahatmyam (have performed homam). Have poornabhishekam wirh Gurumandali grace and Jagadamba Kamakshi grace.

    Sampradaya is meppad sampradaya.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to us. We would love to have you to be part of our mahAcaNDi yAgaM. One of our maNDali members will reach out to you to discuss further logistics.

  4. Namaskaram!

    I live in Newark and would like to participate in the homam. I have also emailed you from my email,

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