Sri Prakasanandanathar honored!

I am very glad to share the video and photos from the event that happened on Jan 1st in Chennai as part of Atirudram event conducted by Brahmasri Mohan guruji where Sri Prakasanandanathar (author of this blog) was honored for his ongoing contribution by publishing this Purnananda Lahari for the past 7+ years, which is a great boon to Devi upasaka community. So far more than 150 issues have been published. This event was initiated and planned by his Gurupathni Smt Anandamba. Upasasakas from various other mandalis attended the event along with his sishyas in Chennai. In the video, you can see Smt Anandamba sitting next to guru.

As part of this felicitation event, Sri Mohan Guruji is planning to publish some of the works done by Sri Prakasanandanathar and those books will be made available in hard copy soon. More details on what content and when would it be available would follow later.

As many of you may not know, Sri Prakasanandanathar spends extraordinary amount of time in searching for rare texts, read and decode those secrets from those books and make it available for us in an easily digestible form. It is not just a matter of time but a purna anugraham of Swami & Ambal and his gurumandalam to make this happen. Without such divine intervention, none of these would be possible. We must all feel extremely blessed to have a guru like him sharing these rare works with all of us and benefit from this.

I along with other sishyas take pride in being his sishya and do whatever little kainkaryam to him when time permits.

On behalf of all of you, I pray Kamakshi and Mahaperiyava to bless him and his family and continue this service for years to come.

Always at the feet of my guru.




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2 thoughts on “Sri Prakasanandanathar honored!

  1. Sri gurubhyo namaha
    Is there a way to contact you physically ?
    I have written few mails , but did not get any response.
    I would get initiated in Sri Vidya parampara.

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