Welcome to purNa Ananda lahari!

As we are redesigning this site, we have introduced email subscription. We are sure that many of you have received emails and have accepted. For others, you will get these emails in the next 24-48 hours. Once we have all the regular readers fully enrolled in the email subscription, our intent is to let you come and read the Purna Ananda Lahari monthly issues. This will reduce lot of manual work and also make it easier for you..

Few planned activities in the coming days:

  1. Replace the current pdf reader with a better one for making your reading experience better
  2. Also going forward, we are planning to re-share the older articles from PL so that it would help us to refresh our memory on those topics and also would help the new readers who have come to this site. If all go well, there may be few posts shared with you on a weekly basis.
  3. In parallel, some of the key dEvata AvaraNams would also be compiled and shared with you.  Our objective is to bring out all the contents that are in this site easily accessible to you all.

We strongly encourage you all to read the “Disclaimer” section before reading any of the article here.

Once again, a big welcome to our renovated web site. 

Stay tuned to see more articles in the coming days!



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17 thoughts on “Welcome to purNa Ananda lahari!

  1. Namasjarams. Thank you so much for this. Ambal and guru blessings for this coming to my attention. I am also blessed to be part of this mandali with my guru being potty Amma from West mambalam. Was blessed with poorna diksha. I will be grateful if you can include me in your regular mailing list. Also please let me know if I can be of any help in any way

    1. Welcome.. Periya Pottu Rajam Mami is a well known Guru in the Chennai SrividyA circles and we are glad to have you here. By subscribing to the blog via email, you will start receiving the notifications.

    1. Yes. All of those who receive the emails on the monthly basis were added automatically. But they still have to click on Confirm and Follow button from the email that would be in their Spam or Social folders to get the notifications.

  2. I am a discipleof Pujaya gurus Sri Prakashambha samsdha Sri Prkashananada natha( Smt Rajam and Sri Suryanarayana Iyer) I would like to learn and hence subscribing.

    1. Welcome. Glad to have you in the group. Numerous members of Guhanandamandali have been getting this monthly magazine for all these years. I am glad that the website is drawing more upAsakAs that were not in the earlier email distribution mode.

  3. My previous Username and PW are not working on the PL….org site.I am not able to read and download the entire magazine D6P8 the monthly issue.I am getting notifications on my registered email.

  4. Namaskarams

    Amazing collection of Srividya encyclopedia. Keep up the Good Work and bless us with more information on Srividya Upasana



    1. We are no longer sending the manual emails when we release PLs on Amavasya day. If you had subscribed for email notification, as and when postings are made in the website, you should get automatic notifications. You must have received the email subscription request months ago and would not have accepted it. You can always go to the PL website and request email subscription. Once you request, please check your SPAM folder in your email, and accept the subscription and you will start getting the email notifications.

  5. Hello,

    My guru in Chennai had been receiving regular monthly subscriptions until the month of July but hasn’t received anything after that. The username/password also has ceased to exist and he isn’t able to access the files. Please let me know how to add him again to the mailing list.

    1. Hello Karthik,

      We have just responded to his question. He simply needs to request for email subscription from the PL website. It will trigger an approval email but it will be in his SPAm folder. He has to go there, accept the subscription and he will be all set. Hope this helps.

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