Navagraha dEvatAs series – Part 2 of 3 – P6D11


In this issue, we are continuing the Navagraha series. Navagraha has been represented both in the vedic and tantric scriptures and has a great influence on the materialistic and spiritual progress of an aspirant. This issue brings forth the three graha dEvatAs – bruhaspati, shukra, and shanaishcara. The mantra japAs (vEdic, tantric, and gAyathri) for these dEvatAs, their AvaraNa pUjA krama, aShtOttarashatanAmAvaliH, kavacaM, and stOtrAs are included in this issue. The stavarAja stOtram for shukrA and shanaishcara are included. The shasranAma stOtram of shanaishcara is included.

Starting this issue, we are giving option to download the issues for your offline reading. Please note that it will take some more time to extend the same to all the older issues. We will send you the notification once they are all done. More importantly, please remember not to use these contents for any commercial purposes.

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2 thoughts on “Navagraha dEvatAs series – Part 2 of 3 – P6D11

  1. Jai MAA
    Please post dhanu rashi pujan soon as this month end and next month this rashi having stellium of planets …

  2. Hello. I noticed that the mula-mantra of Shukra in the text of Śakti Tattva Darśana (1977) is written differently: ॐ ऐं जं गीं ग्रहेशवराय शुक्राय नमः – The fourth syllable is different.

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