Navagraha dEvatAs series – Part 1 of 3 – P6D10


In this issue, we are bringing out the Navagraha series. Navagraha has been represented both in the vedic and tantric scriptures and has a great influence on the materialistic and spiritual progress of an aspirant. There is a strong link between the sri chakra, navAvaranam, navaratnam, and navagrahas. For further details about this, please check with your Guru.

This issue brings forth the first four graha dEvatAs – sUryA, candra, angArakA, and budhA. The mantra japAs (vEdic, tantric, and gAyathri) for these dEvatAs, their AvaraNa pUjA krama, aShtOttarashatanAmAvaliH, kavacaM, and stOtrAs are included in this issue.

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