May-June 2013 – P1D2

This issue of PUrnAndalahari comes with ParashurAmA vidhAnam which compiles all possible information on ParashurAmA from an Upasana perspective. ParashurAmA, as you all are aware of, is a key proponent of Shri Vidhya and his kalpa sutras are the main commandments for our nithya anushtanas and paddhathis. Information about ParashurAmA is seen widely in BrahmAnda PurAnA, Agni PurAnA, NArada PurAnA, Brahma Vaivarta PurAnA, and MEru Tantra. In this issue, the ParashurAmA Gayathri, ParashurAma Avaranam, and ParashurAmA DvAdasha stotram are provided based on the MEru Tantra. ParashurAmA SahasranAmam, supposed to be from Agni PurAnA is also included. ParashurAmA is the only avatArA in human avatArA that is supposed tobe a ChiranjIvi and continues through all the avatArAs after Him. He meets Dasaratha RAmA, comes in MahabhAratha encountering BhishmA and as Karna‟s Guru, and is still waiting to teach the kalki avatArA.

The Adi ShankrA mantrA and ashtOttarashata nAmAvali used at the kAnchi kAmakOti pItam is included in this issue.

In the Subrahmanya krama, the Shadakshra mantra japa kramA of subrahmanya is included. While it is common to see the sharavanabhava mantra, the kaumara tantra provides great detail about the power and potency of the Vacadbhuve namaH mantra. The subrahmanya mantra manjari from the kaumara tantra has been included for the enthusiatic upasakas who are interested in subrahmanya Aradhana. This manjari includes manthras for ShanmUrthis, valli, devasena, mayura, gaja, parivara devatas, and nava shaktis. In addition, rare nyasas like skanda kala nyasas, and subrahmanya matruka nyasas are included. Upasakas can perform these nyasas during Shasti days and subrahmanya vishesha parva days. Lastly, saguna subrahmanya avarna puja has been included along with the KumArOpanishad shlokas. KumArOpanishad is particularly used during “Kodimara Namaskara” puja performed at 5:45 am everyday in Thiruchendur.

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