April-May 2013 – P1D1

The two primary themes in this issue are Shri Guru and Shri Rama. As BhavanOpaniShad rightly states, Shri Guru: sarvakAraNabhUtAshakti: Hence we start this issue with the information on Shri Guru, importance of Guru in the Shri Vidhya path, and the way to meditate on Guru, the importance of Guru Paduka, Guru Stotras, Guru Avarana pUja and Guru ashtottara.

Even though there are numerous materials regarding Guru karma available in various tantras, I have picked the important ones and have included in this compiled compact version. In addition, since Rama Navami falls during this month, Rama mantras, Sita Mantras, Rama Avarana, and Rama ashttotarams have been included. I would like to caution at this point that mantras provided in this issue are simply included for information purposes. Mantra Japas cannot be performed without the upadesha from the Guru. Hence please check with your Guru before venturing into Rama Upasana.

The photo of Kameshwara and Kameshwari that is included in this issue is from the Adi Lalitha cave that is located in the Lalitha Shaktipeeth temple in Naimisharanyam. This is a rare pose where both Kameshwara and Kameshwari are looking at each other and the Panchabrahmas are seen holding the Asana with Sadashiva with multiple hands in the middle. It is really a treat to see this carved into a cave wall.

Finally, this is a humble effort from my side to share thoughts with upasakas. Thisrequires usage of Sanskrit, English, and Tamil Fonts and put them all together into a book format. I have done my best to check for errors and ommissions within the short timeframe. If any of you see any mistakes, please point it out so that I can correct it and include those corrections in the next issue.

I hope you all find this to be a valuable addition to the Upasaka community.

Lalithai vedam sarvam.

Surrendering to the holy pAdukAs of Guru,

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