November – December 2021 – P9D11

We started the gaNEsha dasha mUrtI series last month. The 10 mUrtIs are mahOtkaTa, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, rAjaputra, kalipriya, siddhirUpa, kAlAnala, trimukha, gaNaka, and DhUNDi. We have covered mahOtkaTA, mayUrEsha, dhUmra, and rAjaputra mUrti vidhAnaMs already. In this issue, we will cover two more – kalipriya and siddhirUpa mUrti vidhAnaMs.

We are also including three key nAmAvalIs in this issue –

1. shrI gakAra gaNapati aShTottarashata nAmAvali.
2. shrI subrahmaNya hastasthita astrAyudha aShTottarashata nAmAvali.
3. mUlamantrAtmaka shrI mahAlakshmI trishatI.

The ga-kAra aShTOttaraM, trishati, and sahasranAmAs are considered to be extremely potent in gaNapati upAsana kramAs. We have included the ga-kAta asHTOttaraM in this issue and will include the others in the future issues.

SubrahmaNya astra aShTOttarashataM is treasured as potent as the satrusaMhAra trishati. It is capable to drive away all evils, enemies and most importantly those enemies (of our spiritual path) that reside within us.

The mUlamantrAtmaka mahAlakShmI trishatI is a treasure that has embedded inner meanings. Just the structure of this trishatI is enough to reveal the inner beauty of this –

– The mUla mantraM used is ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं ऐं िहालक्ष्म्यै किलधारिण्यै म ंहवामहन्यै स्वाहा
– There are 21 akSharAs in this mantra which would result in 14 nAmAs per akSharA. (These 14 represents the 14 sAdanAs that are needed for a jIvA to become a muktA. – nityAnitya vastu vivEkaM, inhAmutrArtta phalabhOga virAgaM, samam, damaM, upAdi, itIkShA, shraddhA, samAdAna, mumukShutvaM, shravanaM, mananaM, nididhyAsanaM, savikalpa samAdhi, and finally nirvikalpa samAdhi.)

– The mUla mantra has 7 vowels embedded in it. (From a tatva vicArA perspective, these represents the 7 bhUmikAs – suyEcCA, vicAraNA, tAnumAnasi, sadvApatti, asaMsatti, padArtthAbhAvanA, and turIyaM.
– From a tantric perspective, these represents the 7 chakrAs that kundalini acts upon)
– Each trishati nAmA has exactly 16 akSharAs. While anUShtup chandas has 32 syllables and even

LalitA sahasranAmA has a few names that cover half of the anuShTup Chandas, having the entire trishati to have a nAmA to cover half the anuShTup mEtre is rare. This indicates that this has been constructed with the intention of making each nAmA to be a ShODashAkShari. This indicates pUrNakalA or pUrNatvaM resulting in brahmAnubhUtI

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  1. Thaks a lot for this valuable edition, It was very convenient to download without any problem . Lot of new subjects to learn about !! My Namaskaram to the gurumandalam.

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