April-May 2017 P5D3

With this issue, we will be completing the sapta mA- trukA series. In this issue, we have covered cAmuN- DA and nArasiMhi. The mantra japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA for cAmuNDA and nArasiMhi are included. The ashTottarashatanA- mAvali for cAmuNDA is also provided.

My Guru, ShrI AnandAmbA (Smt. Geeta Shivakumar) proposed that we perform an annual event in the form of an ArAdhana for Shri. GuhAnandanAthA (Guru of Shri. ChidAnandanAthA).The Mothers day weekend has been aptly chosen for this annual event to cele- brate the Universal Mother. This year, the event will be held in Chicago and all upAsakAs are invited to take part
in this event. We will be performing pancha dEvatA AvaraNa, shri vidhya hOmam and tithinithyA AvaraNa pUjAs followed by a pratyaksha thiti nithyA pUjA.

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Author: purna_admin