March – April 2018 P6D2

In this issue, we are bringing out the vidhAnam of mUkAmbikA. There are many stories revolving this devata and the establishment of this temple. May consider this devata to be the form of Sarasvati by linking Her to the episode of Adi Shankara and Sarasavani. However, this kShEtrA and the devata is dealt in detail within the skanda purana which predates the avatara of Adi shankara. There are a lot of similarities between mUkAmbikA / ChandikA paramEshvarI / Lalita tripurasundari. They are all trishakti svarUpinIs and they all have navAvaraNas in their respective chakras. mUkAmbikA and lalitAmbA both have mOksha prada shOdashAkshari mantras.

The mantra japa (ShOdashAkShari), AvaraNa pUjA, asHtOttara shata nAmAvali, and the famous kollapuri mahAlakShmI ashtakam are included in this issue. (even though the shloka appears to be dealing with kohlapur mahalakshmi, it really is a mUkAmbikA ashtakam. This is apparent from the last shloka where it specifies that she hols shank, chakra, varada and abhaya mudras. Kohlapur mahalakshmi has different sets of ayudas and hence this ashtakam is kollapuri – which later became kollu – mahalakshmi –mookambika.)

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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