May-June 2018 P6D4

In this issue, we are bringing out the vidhAnam of hayagrIvA.

The mantra japas (anuTup maha mantra, ekAkShari (two forms), aShtAkShari,  ekAdashAkShari, dadhibhakta hayagrIvA, cinmayAnanda hayagRivA and mahAashvashira hayagrIva) karmas, AvaraNa pUjA, asHtOttara shata nAmAvali, kavacam, and the famous hayagrIva upaniShat are included in this issue. Shri hayavadana mUrtI is closely related to shrividyA doctrine. We are made aware of the lalitOpAkhyANa and even the famous lalitA sahasranAmA only through the grace of shri ashvAnanA.

upAsanA of hayagrIvA is performed for attaining vAksiddhi and for jNAnA prApti. The hayagrIva upaniShat should be chanted on ekAdashi days for attaining mOkSha.

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