June-July 2014 – P2D3

In this issue, we will be focusing on the second dashamahA vidhyA – tArA. Since there are several mantras for tArA and each Gurumandalam follows their own set of mantras, it was decided to stay away from the common tArA mantras and focus on a rare but potent mantra of tArA in the form of vidhyArAjni – Sarasvati. This form is called vidhyArAjni for her capability of granting the jnAnA to her bhaktAs. The avAraNa karma for this form of tArA is very elaborate and the yantra is of 7 layers with bhUmandalA, 64 petalled lotus, 24 petal lotus, 16 petal lotus, 8 petal lotus, shatkOnA, and a trikOnA. The mantra japa kramA of tArAmbA, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, hRudaya, kavacA, stOtra, shatanAma stoTra, and tArOpaniShad are included in this issue. Since tArA is one of the primary dEvatAs in the buddist tantric doctrine, this issue includes the pictures from the buddisst tArA svarUpA. The vidhyArAjni form of tArA is popular in mahAcInA as mahAmayUri vidhyArAjni.

As usual, we would like to caution the upAsakAs that these dEvatAs CANNOT be taken lightly and the mantrAs considered like any other mantra. As the tantras rightly caution, this path is like walking on a sword and can only be ventured into by the Grace of the GurunAthA. The upAsana karma of these dEvatAs demands strict yamA and niyamAs and also ardent faith on the Guru and the dEvatA. It is important to understand the meaning of the mantra, the physical representation of the dEvatA, and contemplation on the deeper aspects of the same. These can only be provided by the Guru and by the power of the sAdhanA.

These mantras cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any mantra or procedure as detailed in this issue.
ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) was kind enough to share the tArAmbA mantra vimarshanam, and jyEShta naimittika prakaranam.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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2 thoughts on “June-July 2014 – P2D3

  1. Namaskaram,
    I came across an article that mentions most sadhakas have got the hum(kavacha bija) and huum( kurcha bija) confused in Tara mantras.
    In tara avarana of P2D3, we see “hrim strim hum(kavacha)” appear.
    According to the Brhannila tantra (edited by MadhuSudhan Kaul) and Tara tantra (Girish Chandra Vedanta Tirtha), it is written there that Kurcha bijam (huum) is used.
    Dear team please let us know your opinion.
    Thank you very much.

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