May-June 2017 P5D4

The tithi nityA dEvis form part of the eighth AvaraNa of lalitA mahAtripurasundari and they are the keepers of the kAlacakrA. They are the reason for the dimension of time and the mode to transcend it as well.

There a total of 15 tithi nithyA dEvis placed in the group of 5 on the sides of the triangle in the eighth AvaraNa. The center bindhu sthAnA is occupied by lalitA mahAtripurasundari Herself as mahAnityA. These nithyA dEvis are worshipped during both the waning and waxing of the moon and their order changes based on the phase.

In this issue, we will be covering the first two nityA dEvis – kAmEshvari (amAvAshyA and shukla pakSha prathamA) and bhagamAlini (shukla pakSha dvitIyA and kRuShnA pakSha caturdashi). The mantra japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, and the mAtrukA vaibhava nAmAvali for kAmEshvari and bhagamAlini are included in this issue. In addition, a word by word meaning of their dhyAna shlOkAs are
also included.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.


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