June-July 2017 P5D5

In this issue, we will be covering the next two nityA dEvis – nityaklinnA (shukla pakSha tRutIyA and kRuShnA pakSha trayOdashi) and bhErunDA (shukla pakSha caturthi and kRuShnA pakSha dvAdashi). The mantra japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, and the mAtrukA vaibhava nAmAvali for nityaklinnA
and bhErunDA are included.

in this issue. We received requests from upAsakAs to include the vidhAnams for shrI rAdhA and rAdhAkriShNA. Hence we have included the mantra japA and Avarana pUjA vidhAnam for rAdhAmbA
and rAdhAkrUShNA for the delight of the upAsakAs.

We are planning to move the publishing of pUrNAnandalahari to a website so that all the issues can be easily accessed and viewed online. By the grace of the GurumaNdalam, we hope this effort to complete in a couple of months.

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3 thoughts on “June-July 2017 P5D5

  1. Anything related to Ucchistha Ganapati Tarpanas and Upasana in Telugu, Also good if Material on Telugu is Available along with Other Languages

    1. In accordance with the Guru paramparA and principles, some of the secretive stuff could not be shared in public forums. Please check with your Guru/GurumanDalam for such details.

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