August-September 2018 P6D7

In this issue, we are bringing out the vidhAnam of mahA garuDa bhagavAn, manmathA and rati dEvI. mahAgaraDa mantra is part of the pashcimAmnAya kramA and manmatha and rati dEvi pUjAs are part and parcel of shrividhyA naimittika pUjA. We have also included the AshugaruDa mantra and kavacam (from AkAsha bhairava tantra) that provides several benefits to the believer. The phala stuti section of this kavacam explores this in very detail. The garuDa asthottaram from brahmANDapurANam is also included for upAsakAs benefit.

As always, we caution that the mantrAs, pUja kramAs, and nyAsAs that are included in this issue cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing them.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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