October-November 2016-P4D7

Since the sharadA navarAtri will be celebrated the following month, we have included the mantra japA and AvaraNa kramAs for cintAmaNi Sarasvati and mahishAsura mardini dEvatAs. The Sarasvati rahasyOpaiShat is truly a secret jewel that is maintained and chanted only by a few upAsakAs and passed down through the gurumaNdalAs. The beauty of this upaniShad is the inclusion of the various Riks and its rishi and chandas so that this comes as a complete package from a mantrOpAsanA perspective.

We have been receiving questions about performing mantra japAs using mAtrUkA samputikaranam. Hence this procedure has been included as an example in the mahiShamardini japa kramA. It is believed and proclaimed in the tantric literature that any mantra japA performed using mAtrukA samputikaraNa results in faster mantra siddhi.

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  1. Sri Mathre Namah. Namasthay,
    Not able to download P4D7, the contents of P4D6 is seen. Please look into it and help. Thank you.

  2. Dear Bhai Ji,
    P$D& Content is Crashing due to technical error
    Please do rectify for the sake of our emphasis

  3. Namste Sir,

    Not able to down p4d7 can you please look into,I get a error message that I don’t have permission

    Srimatre namah

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