April-May 2016 – P4D1

In the last issue, we looked at the dhAraNA vidhinirUpaNam from sUta saMhitA. In this issue we bring the dhyAna vidhinirUpaNam from aShtANgayOga. In this chapter, shri sUtA explains the various types of dhyAnA for the benefit of the sAdhAkAs . The various benefits of performing dhyAnA on a regular basis is clearly provided and the very fact that jnana and mukti as the end goal for this is stated in very clear terms.

In this issue we have included the meaning for the shAmba shivA dhyAna shloka and to aid that, have included the pancha vaktra shiva mantrAs, dhyAnA, and the secretive manthrA and Shakti nyAsas for the same.

We thank ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) for authoring the Q&A section and also contributing the dhyAna shloka meaning.

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