March-April 2014 – P1D12

In the Dhanvantri vidhAnA, we have included dhanvantri mantra japa, dhanvantri AvaraNa pUja, AshtOttaram, and SahasranAmam.

In the DattAtrEya vidhAnA, we have included dattAtrEya mantra japa (several mantras mentioned in the data upaniShad), AvaraNa pUjA, datta AshtOttaram, datta sahasranAmam, datta stava rAja, nArada prOkta datta stOtram, and datta vajra kavacam.

The shishira RutunAthA AvaraNam has been included in this issue. With this all of the 6 RutunAtha AvaraNams is complete. ShrI AtmAnandanAthA has penned an article on the vEdAntic explanations of the 64 upacAra pUjA. This article will be included as a series in the next three issues.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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